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Get Involved As A LOWVELO Volunteer

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LOWVELO runs on the work of generous volunteers. From setting the scene at both our venues — Riverfront Park and Shipyard Park — before the ride to simply congratulating and directing riders as they cross the finish line, it’s all a well-oiled (and really fun) machine driven by community.

Meet Dr. Leslie Hirsig. She’s not only an assistant professor in Radiology at MUSC, but also a LOWVELO volunteer and liaison for the Charleston Junior Woman’s Club. LOWVELO will be the club’s official volunteer project for the month of November, and members will serve as hands-on volunteers to help prepare for the outdoor ride Nov. 1 – 2. Hirsig says, “We may not be able to commit to a Peloton, but we do want to commit our time.”

LOWVELO succeeds because of the generosity of volunteers like Hirsig and others. Take personal trainer Nicki Carter, who’s volunteered her time to get participants in shape to ride by launching, along with personal trainer Catherine O’Sullivan, a training series at MUSC Wellness Center beginning Sat. Aug. 31. Not only that, Carter and O’Sullivan also are taking the time to write about the best ways to train, which you’ll be able to read about on the LOWVELO blog in the coming weeks.

Can’t volunteer or ride? Become a virtual rider and assist with fundraising efforts — that’s another way to volunteer.

Come ride week, LOWVELO will need 500 rock stars willing to contribute time to something great: LOWVELO’s mission to end cancer, once and for all. From ride packet packers and amateur photographers to bike valets and parking marshals, there’s the perfect just-for-you job during LOWVELO that needs your generous heart and energy.

“It really does take a village to get an event of this scale off the ground and make it a success,” says LOWVELO manager Shannon Rice. “Knowing we’re saving lives by helping to fund crucial cancer research at Hollings Cancer Center is the best feeling and will fuel the work of all of us when it’s crunch time Nov. 1 – 2.”

If that feeling isn’t reward enough, hear this: You’ll also get a volunteer-specific T-shirt if you sign up for an on-site shift via our volunteer site.

Register Now for role that suits you best. Signing up is simple:

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  3. Want to double your impact? Ask a friend to join you!

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