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Top 10 LOWVELO22 Highlights

We’re still pumped up about what a great day Saturday was – beautiful weather, determined riders, fabulous volunteers, yummy food and good music. If you missed the event, we’ve got the recap below of some of the top moments. And you can still donate to the cause and/or a rider through Dec. 31.

#1 – Our researchers coming out in full force.

family in cycling gear and tutus making funny faces
group of cyclists, one in superman costume

#2 – How it brought together so many people to raise money for lifesaving cancer research. We had more than 1,000 volunteers, riders and community members rally together.

two women crossing finish line on bikes holding hands in air
group of cyclists crossing finish line

#3 – The beautiful day and weather.

female on bike raising hand as she coasts down Ravenel Bridge

#4 – The Hollings rally line – this was the first year that three of the routes passed right by MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, where cyclists enjoyed a great send-off.

cyclists riding by as people cheer
people holding thank you signs

#5 – Great fun and entertainment from the Jake Bartley Band and some volunteer dancers!

woman singing with band on stage
group of women doing zumba

#6 – Special moments by the memory wall. Here, Aron Kuch pauses for a moment after his ride. He wrote a message for his wife, Heather, who died in March 2022, just over a year after being diagnosed with thymic cancer. Throughout the LOWVELO weekend he connected with the many Hollings nurses who helped to care for her.

man kneeling in front of sign that says "why I ride"
man signing of wall that says "why I ride"

#7 – 100- and 50-milers coming by the start line of the 10-mile Island Ride at Isle of Palms as the National Anthem was being sung.

woman singing while group of cyclists pass
woman singing National Anthem

#8 – Those who came along for the ride, like Willie and Harley.

#9 – Our supporters, volunteers and ambassadors, including (below left), Ben Navarro of the Beemok Family Foundation, LOWVELO’s presenting sponsor, Hollings’ own Dr. Marvella Ford and Tour de France cyclist George Hincapie. Behind them is the new HPV vaccination van. 

3 cyclists standing in front of a medical van
group of volunteers in tent before sun comes up

#10 – The attitude of one of our last finishers, Dr. Leo Ferreira, who was determined to go all 100 miles. He posted on Twitter:

“I biked 100 miles for #cancer #research @lowvelo @muschollings. I was the last to arrive, got lost twice & was alone for most of it. But I made it. #Science is the same. If it feels comfortable, then you’re not pushing boundaries & maximizing #discovery.”

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