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MUSC Wellness Center Offers Free Training Series For LOWVELO Riders

nicki carter riding exercise bike in a gym

With the LOWVELO bike ride just three months away, personal trainers at the Wellness Center at the Medical University of South Carolina want to help riders have the best experience possible. Not only that, they want it to be part of a bigger lifestyle change to healthier habits.

That’s why MUSC Wellness Center is hosting a five-part training series starting Sat. Aug. 31 that runs through Oct. 12. The classes, held in the center’s newly-renovated spin studio, will be free to any registered rider. MUSC Wellness Center Director Janis Newton, who also is participating in the ride, says this is exactly the kind of activity the center wants to support.

“One of the things that Wellness Center likes to contribute to is the physical activity, fitness, and well-being of individuals,” she says. “Somebody who is taking on a lengthy event such as the bike ride, typically, it’s really good if they have a health professional help in their fitness training. That’s what we do best, and that’s what we love to do.”

Personal trainers and cycling instructors Nicki Carter and Catherine O’Sullivan have signed on to helm the series, which will cover:

  • Knowing how to cross train with indoor cycling and get set up properly on a bike
  • Using rated perceived exertion and knowing heart rate training basics to get the most from your workout
  • Incorporating endurance and interval rides into training programs
  • Incorporating strength training into training programs to better prepare for the ride


The Wellness Center is offering varied time slots to appeal to different work schedules. While registered LOWVELO riders can train for free, guests who wish to learn more and attend the classes will be charged $15. Check out the following training dates, and RSVP by emailing Wellness Center Program Director Tatiana Baier at Space is limited, so register early to reserve a spot.

Dates for the series are:
Sat. Aug. 31: 11 a.m. (75 minutes)
Thurs. Sept. 26: 12 p.m. (45 minutes)
Sat. Sept. 28: 11 a.m. (75 minutes)
Thurs. Oct. 10: 12 p.m. (45 minutes)
Sat. Oct. 12: 11 a.m. (75 minutes)

Newton also notes that the Wellness Center prioritizes providing physical activity opportunities to everyone, regardless of ability restrictions. For example, the center and their personal trainers can work with adaptive athletes, utilizing adaptive equipment on-site. “We have trainers here who can help people with chronic diseases who want to contribute too,” Newton says. “And so, it’s very inclusive.”

Newton says the series can help beginners gain confidence and more experienced riders to improve their performance. There’s no need to feel intimidated by the notion of pedaling for a minimum of 25 miles, she says. After all, it’s not a race.

“I think there are a lot of people out there that, with a little guidance and a little pre-planning, that they could easily complete 25 miles because this is not a race. They can ride at their own pace,” she says.

“It’s all about giving back to cancer research, and so it’s not about being the fastest out there or being the most fit. So absolutely, that is a mentality that we have, and we will help anybody out there who wants to be able to ride 25 miles be able to be successful.”

For further event updates, stay tuned to the Wellness Center Facebook page here.
MUSC Wellness Center
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(843) 792-5757

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