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Rita Barbagallo's story

LOWVELO is a grassroots movement funding cancer research through a community of passionate fundraisers and a weekend experience of cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. Please join me in supporting this cause where 100% of your donation will go directly toward life-saving cancer research at Hollings Cancer Center, Medical University of South Carolina.
Why, you may wonder, am I doing this? After all, 100 miles is a long way on a bike. Isn't it easier to just lie on the beach in Charleston? And why am I fundraising for this cause? After all, I do enough of selling in my day to day work.
Well, for several reasons. One, we have eliminated many diseases because folks before us put in the time, the energy, and the effort and I believe our generation can cure this disease once and for all. More importantly, however, I am doing this to support my college friend Gina, who lived cancer free for five years after a double mastectomy, and now is fighting stage four mandibular cancer. She has a 12 year son and a 10 year old foster son. I am also doing it to support my coworker Ryan, who lost his mother to cancer and is the inspiration behind our Think Pink Campaign.
So when I am on the bike, thinking I just can't make it, the strength of these people will give me that last push to make it up that last hill, that last bend in the road.
Will you ride with me in spirit? If so please show your support by donating.
TOGETHER we RIDE, TOGETHER we WILL overcome cancer.

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