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We need your help to beat cancer. Thanks so much for your interest in joining our cause to support cancer research.

Registration is free or $25 for a 2020 LOWVELO T-shirt.

Special recognition and incentives will be given for meeting certain fundraising milestones.

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Even though we are practicing social distancing, a Peloton is a great way for a group of two or more individuals near and far to share their experience. Virtual LOWVELO means no age limit! Recruit your family members of all ages. Connect with your coworkers for a healthy competition. In addition to the individual member profiles, a separate Peloton profile allows you to highlight your Peloton roster and your motivation for coming together to end cancer.

Gather your friends and family, choose your activity, select your mileage, set your fundraising goal, and hit the pavement! Be sure to tag us along the way, so we can cheer you on!

Funds raised as a peloton will be evenly divided among your team members. Fundraising incentives for milestones will be recognized individually.

Recognition and Incentives

There will be several challenges, celebrations, and fundraising power hours (virtual sessions held with speakers to inspire you) along the way. Stay tuned for details.

Recognition (Fundraising must be completed by December 14):

$100 – Special Social Media Recognition

$250 – Special Social Media Recognition

$500 – Special LOWVELO Swag

$5,000 – High Roller Club Initiation and Special LOWVELO Swag