fundraising tips with illustration of charleston landmarks including rainbow row, ravenel bridge and fort sumter

Personalize your rider profile

Rider profiles are easy to create and use. Give your donors a visual representation of what LOWVELO is all about! Tell your LOWVELO story in your own words and upload your picture.

You can also:

  • Email a link to your profile page to your target donor list so they can click to donate directly to your ride.

  • Share your profile page on social media by using the Facebook and Twitter share buttons found on your Rider page.

  • Display a fundraising total so your donors can track your progress.

Fundraise with Facebook

Many participants have success fundraising through Facebook because Facebook makes the process simple:

  • From your Facebook homepage, search for “MUSC Foundation.”

  • Click on “Fundraisers.”

  • Click on “Raise Money.”

  • To change the name of the fundraiser, click on “Your name’s Fundraiser for MUSC Foundation” and change the name to “First Name Last Name’s LOWVELO Fundraiser for Cancer Research” (make sure your fundraiser says LOWVELO or it won’t be counted!).

  • Click on the photo to change your picture.

  • Click “Create” in the upper right-hand corner to post.

Customize your email signature

Add a direct link to your rider page to your email signature.

Host virtual fundraising events

Host a Zoom, Facebook or Instagram Live demonstration: Do you love baking, cooking, wine tasting or yoga? Host a demo for donations! Consider including drawings to generate funds during the demo. Local businesses may be willing to donate gift certificates.

Virtual scavenger hunt

Invite friends and family to participate! Make up a list of items for them to search for in order. If they come upon an item they don’t have, they must donate $5 to move to the next item!

Dedicate miles to donors

For those who donate $25 or more, dedicate a mile! While on that specific mile, share it on social media with a mention and photo.

Write a personal letter

An example of an email solicitation you can send to donors is included in this toolkit, but sometimes donors want to hear your personal story and see it in an actual letter. Personal hard copy letters can be very powerful. If you would like to write a personal letter, please feel free to include any information from the LOWVELO site.

Have a neighborhood yard sale/bake sale

Ask your neighbors if they would be willing to have a neighborhood yard sale with a percentage of their sales going to sponsor your LOWVELO ride. Neighbors who are not around to participate may be willing to donate items for you to sell. Have a bake sale with a new twist! Instead of actually selling baked goods, have an auction of items such as: cake of the month, care package of the month to a student away at school or camp or a specialty dessert for a dinner party.

In lieu of gifts

In lieu of gifts for a special occasion, ask that a donation be made to your LOWVELO account.

Use the trickle-down effect of fundraising

Ask your sponsors if they will join you in your fundraising efforts by asking their friends, families and companies to support your ride. Are you riding in honor of a person who is battling cancer? Ask if they would like to join you in your fundraising endeavors by sending out letters to their family and friends. Are you riding in memory of a person who has lost their battle with cancer? Ask their family and friends if they would like to join you in your fundraising endeavors by sending letters to their friends and family.