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We understand you may have some questions about LOWVELO so we’ve done our best to answer some of the more obvious questions on our specific FAQ sections:

While LOWVELO is virtual this year, we will have special activities and prizes along the way starting in mid-July. Participants can begin logging their miles on July 15. On November 14, we will have a virtual celebration for participants to login and celebrate our goal of ending cancer.

What activity may I choose to participate?

With wheels – choose 25 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles or set your own distance.

Without wheels – choose to walk or run 5k, 10k, 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles or set your own distance.

Our goal is 31,710 cumulative miles to represent.
A peloton is a team. Even though we are practicing social distancing, a peloton is a great way for a group of two or more individuals near and far to share their experience. Virtual LOWVELO means no age limit! Recruit your family members of all ages. Connect with your coworkers for a healthy competition. In addition to the individual member profiles, a separate Peloton profile allows you to highlight your peloton roster and your motivation for coming together to end cancer. Teams can consist of any mileage challenge or activity.

Gather your friends and family, choose your activity, select your mileage, set your fundraising goal, and hit the pavement! Be sure to tag us along the way, so we can cheer you on!

Funds raised as a peloton will be evenly divided among your team members. Fundraising incentives for milestones will be recognized individually.
  • With wheels - ride:
    • Choose your distance of 25, 50 or 100 miles or set your own distance
    • Suggested Fundraising Goals:
      • 25 miles - $750
      • 50 miles - $1,250
      • 100 miles - $1,500
  • Without wheels - walk or run:
    • Choose your distance of 5K, 10K, 13.1 or 26.2 or set your own distance
    • Suggested Fundraising Goals:
      • 5k - $150
      • 10k - $250
      • 13.1 - $500
      • 26.2 - $750
A super peloton is a group of pelotons that are formed by a large company, community or organization. A super peloton allows different offices, departments, or groups to work together to end cancer on both a small and large scale. Super pelotons have the same benefits as individual pelotons. If your group is interested in starting a super peloton, please contact Shannon Rice at and she can help get you all set up.
The registration fee is FREE or $25 if you’d like a 2020 LOWVELO T-shirt. Please register by November 1 to receive your T-shirt before November 14.
You are able to start a peloton during the rider registration process. If you want to create a peloton after you've registered, head to your rider dashboard.
Yes, the peloton captain can change the name of their peloton in their rider dashboard.
Check-in is virtual this year! All you do is click the link on our website to join. For more support, you also can download the Strava app on your phone and join the MUSC Hollings Cancer Center LOWVELO. Here you’ll check in and track your activity to complete your mileage goal. Be sure to login starting when you sign up to join us for fun challenges along the way.
You are able to join a Peloton during the participant registration process. If you want to join a peloton after you've registered, go to your participant dashboard.
Just like our inaugural year, we remain true to our cause. 100% of the participant-raised dollars will directly support research at Hollings Cancer Center.
No, the members of a Peloton do not have to participate in the same activity! We welcome the combination of riding, walking and running in pelotons. It helps us to reach our combined mileage goal of 31,710!
Don’t worry, you won’t be LOWSOLO when it comes to fundraising. Personalize your rider profile and then direct your friends and family to your rider page and ask them to donate to your ride! We’ve come up with some fundraising tips to help you reach and hopefully exceed your fundraising goal. Here are some tips for fundraising success and our toolkit for resources to support your cause.

Top LOWVELO fundraisers reveal their secrets to success

How a grandmother's cancer battle inspired one rider to crush her fundraising goal

Creative ways to raise LOWVELO donations, plus a few social media tips
No, the members of a peloton do not have to run/ride/walk the same distance.
While there are no fundraising minimums this year, we encourage everyone to actively work towards their fundraising goal and to earn incentives for your hard work. To receive recognition, donations must be in by December 14.
You can invite someone to join your Peloton from your rider dashboard.
Only the peloton captain has access to change the peloton profile (Follow participant instructions but replace the word "participant" with "peloton".)
We are proud of you for putting your best foot forward!

There will be several challenges, celebrations, and fundraising power hours along the way.

Recognition (Fundraising must be completed by December 14):

$100 – Special Social Media Recognition

$250 – Special Social Media Recognition

$500 – Special Lowvelo Swag, Special Social Media Recognition, Hollings Cancer Center Video Screen Recognition.

$5,000 – High Roller Club Initiation, Special Lowvelo Swag, Special Social Media Recognition, Hollings Cancer Center Video Screen Recognition

Peloton-raised funds will be divided evenly among members for incentive recognition purposes.

Together, we can change what’s possible in cancer care!
A High Tide Club member is anyone who has maintained at least $5,000 in their fundraising account as of the fundraising deadline.
After the December 14 fundraising deadline, peloton donations will be evenly divided among the members. For example, if you have four peloton members and $2,000 in donations, each member will receive credit for having raised $500.
Absolutely! We’d love to have a participant from each country! Due to tax laws, not every country is available to donate through your rider profile. In order to make things easier for you, please create a Facebook fundraiser and have your donors participate this way. We’ll update your rider profile for you!
We’ve created two Strava Clubs for riding and run/walking! If you already use Strava, search for “MUSC Hollings Cancer Center LOWVELO” and join the club for the activity of your choice. You may join both! To learn about Strava and how to join the club, please visit or search for the Strava app in your app store.

If you do not wish to use Strava, please track your miles using another device and email us at to record your miles.

Our original goal was to record 31,710 miles in support of the 31,710 estimated new cancer cases in South Carolina in 2020. We beat that goal already! So our new goal is to collectively log as many miles as possible in support of cancer research.
There is no need since there is no minimum fundraising commitment.
Since LOWVELO is virtual this year, we encourage all ages to participate! This is great opportunity for families to be active and a share a positive experience while raising funds for cancer research!
LOWVELO may receive matching gifts through the MUSC Foundation. When submitting a matching gift to your company, please provide the following:

Payable to MUSC Foundation – Hollings Cancer Center
86 Jonathan Lucas Street, MSC 955, CHARLESTON, SC 29425-4500

Tax ID 57-6028985
Additionally, please include the name of the rider who will be receiving the matching gift.
Yes! Checks must be made payable to the MUSC Foundation and mailed to:

Hollings Cancer Center
Attn: Megan Baker
86 Jonathan Lucas St., MSC 955
Charleston, SC 29425
Yes! But please remember that while we accept cash, we do not accept change. Please exchange your coins for cash before submitting them to LOWVELO. Please deliver cash donations to the Hollings Cancer Center, 86 Jonathan Lucas St, Director’s Suite, Development Department.
Yes! Anyone who registers with the T-shirt option by October 1, 2020 will receive their T-shirt in the mail by October 14.
No problem! Since LOWVELO is virtual, we’re adding a run and/or walk component! When you visit the registration page, simply choose which activity you’d like to participate in and the mileage you prefer.
Since LOWVELO is virtual this year, we encourage our volunteers to participate as riders, runners, or walkers! Choose your activity, the miles you wish to complete by November 14 and help us reach 31,710 miles combined- one for every person diagnosed with cancer this year. Or you can just register to fundraise sans the activity.
Yes! We are on Facebook here, Twitter here, and Instagram here. When promoting your ride and fundraising, be sure to tag us and use hashtags #LOWVELO20, #VIRTUALLOWVELO, #LOWSOLO, and #LOWVELO, especially during ride weekend.
Yes! Many participants have success fundraising through Facebook because Facebook makes the process simple:
  • From your Facebook homepage, search for “MUSC Foundation”
  • Click on “Fundraisers”
  • Click on “Raise Money”
  • To change the name of the name of the fundraiser, click on “Your name’s Fundraiser for MUSC Foundation” and change the name to “First Name Last Name’s LOWVELO Fundraiser for Cancer Research” (make sure your fundraiser says LOWVELO or it won’t be counted!)
  • Click on the photo to change your picture
  • Click “create” in the upper right-hand corner to post

Your rider profile will be updated every two weeks to reflect your Facebook total.

Pro-tip: set your goal as the recommended goal to your mileage and adjust accordingly.

Pro-tip: set your timeframe for 2-3 weeks. You can extend or run another campaign later.
Sign in using the user name and password you created when you registered.
Now you’re on your profile page.
From here you may:
  • upgrade your ride
  • Share your profile to social media
  • Invite friends to ride with you
  • Invite friends donate
To edit your profile, place the cursor over “My Participant Profile” found on the left navigation bar. Click “edit profile”. This is where you may upload a profile image, write your story, share videos or other images for prospective donors to view. Some ideas of photos to share include:
  • Action shots of you logging your miles for your goal
  • Group fundraisers you’re participating in
  • Photos of you with those you’re participating for
  • Photos of you with other peloton members